GRAVA is a trio based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Consisting of Atli Brix Kamban (vocals, guitar), Niels Asger Svensson (vocals, bass) and Casper Axilgård (drums), the band charts a savage line between crushingly simple sludge riffs and sheer nightmarish brutality.

Recorded live in the studio over just three days, the debut album “Weight of a God” showcases
a band hellbent on capturing the rough and violent sound of a live recording and leaving every rough edge unpolished. The album was recorded and produced by Troels Damgaard Holm at Black Tornado Studio and Farvemøllen.

Lyrically, the band portrays scenes of death through the eyes of the dying, unearthed from
the great tomes of history. Here you’ll encounter the final moments of shipwrecked men as
the icy waves fill their lungs and drag them to the deep (“WAVES”) and the howls of the 6000 crucified slaves that stood up to the power of the Roman Empire and lost (“APPIAN WAY”) or the unfortunate prisoner who was trampled to death by a work elephant in the East Asia of yore (“CRUSHER“).